Business/Employer Membership Plan


Keep your team at work healthy!

Business Employers can now offer their employees Primary Care Services at an affordable rate

Great option for Small Businesses that do not offer traditional health insurance

Our membership plan can work well for your employees without a health insurance plan, but also an added benefit even if you provide insurance

We are NOT health insurance. We are a health care plan.

Offering MOBILE visits to your employees’ place of work or home

Visits include annual physical examinations, routine checkups, sick visits

Unlimited mobile visits and phone/video visits

Ability to do blood work/certain tests offered in Primary Care office via mobile

Noninsured employees will have access to significant discounted lab/imaging pricing

Employees may text us directly for medical questions, prescription refills, and minor health issues

This will reduce your employees need for urgent/ER care if they have a dedicated PCP

This will reduce absenteeism & increase employee retention

Overall or model can save employees and employers more time and costs

Executive/C-Suite staff of company can be added to plan as well to save them time and money from going to a traditional PCP office

Minimum of FIVE employees to enroll

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